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What we do

"The Ubuntu Network is a dream coming true. A dream of providing an education model that allows individuals to develop themselves as a whole, reaching the fullness of their possibilities.

An education that generates internal satisfaction, to the extent that individuals recognize their essence and their purposes, and external, by being able to act in the world from the discovery of their quests and calling.

The Ubuntu Network foresees an innovative model that faces the challenges that the twenty-first century imposes on us.

Our intention is to offer a complementary model to the current system, focusing on points that are admittedly deficient and reinforcing the need to establish a bridge between learning and work/job."

Eduardo Seindenthal

Training in SELF-enterpreneurship

We offer various training programs in SELF-enterpreneurship depending on the moment of the I-enterpreneur’s life and on the context in which he is inserted. We develop in individuals, groups and organizations the needed skills so people can reflect on their goals and undertake their projects and career.

In his book Drive, Daniel Pink says, based on extensive research and analysis of studies in the field of human motivation, that there are three pillars that motivate and mobilize people: Purpose, Autonomy and Development.

Our programs were created based on Pink’s studies, on an integral approach from the thinker Ken Wilber, and on the Purpose model of development for SELF-enterpreneurship.

We focus on each of those pillars of motivation and mobilization.



To learn motivation, pleasure, purpose, and meaning are needed to invest time, body and mind in the pursuit of knowledge.


We believe that one learns mainly by doing and acting. By doing, by acting, by putting our hands dirty, we feel the different paths. By taking action we err, we hit, but above all we learn.


Learning accelerates from bonding! The peer support, the link with the facilitators, and with different partners and members of the Network.

Open Source:

In the form (nontraditional model, anywhere, all the time), content (open model, with the knowledge coming from all and available to everyone), and relationships (collaboration, sharing, knowledge exchange).

THE PROCESS OF SELF-enterpreneurship

The process of training in SELF-enterpreneurship has two major steps, and training modules in each subject of the development of SELF-enterpreneurship model, the PURPOSE Model.

The methodology consists of creating spaces for collaboration, generating insights, using arts in its many forms, movies, physical exercises, experiences, and reflections.



The RUA, Ubuntu Network of Learning, is our program focused on the reflection of the purpose and on the mapping of roads for the accomplishment of such purpose. It is divided in four large modules: (1) Introduction and Bonding (2) Collect: several exercises for you to know yourself (3) Purpose: beginning of the journey to structure your purpose (4) Strategic roads: mapping of the possible roads for you to accomplish your purpose.

The Purpose Accelerator is our program which gives sequence to our formation in SELFtrepreneurship, offering technical and behavioral support to the development of enterprises and projects directly related to your purpose. Some participants, after reflecting about their purposes and mapping the roads to accomplish such purpose, consider the possibility to endeavor real project and feel that they still need support. Thus, the Ubuntu Network created, together with the SELFtrepreneurs themselves, the Purpose Accelerator. For more information, access:
The Mãe Ser Mãe is a SELFtrepreneurship process applied to the world of motherhood. During these years of work with SELFtrepreneurship we discovered that motherhood is a moment which touches the mothers very much. It touches the values, the relationships, the look at life. It is a moment with a crowd and at the same time of solitude. Thus, the Ubuntu Network created the Mãe Ser Mãe, a complete educational platform of support so they can build their respective motherhoods. For more information, access: