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Who we are

Ubuntu is a collaborative network of people and organizations focused on the development of the SELFtrepreneurship, a concept created by us and which is the basis of our work and of our work philosophy.

SELFtrepreneurship is a mental model, a way of thinking and acting, which seeks the amplification of the individual's consciences so they can accomplish their professional or personal projects, building a future from their essences.




The objective of our work is to seek inspiring people, teams and organizations to reflect about their purposes and accomplish their projects.
We have for basis of everything the collaboration and relationship among people.
It is a process which generates internal encounters, with each one essence, but also encounters which unite the individual purpose with enterprises and projects that need it.
We generate environments, spaces and learning processes in their most diverse dimensions and shapes, developing people and organizations in an integral way.
We believe that in a word going through huge transformations (economical, ecological, social, and behavioral) we can also facilitate the transformation of organizations and leaders, towards a new emerging model. A model which develops itself through the interdependence, of the collaboration, of the relationships, of the networks.
The Ubuntu Network has for philosophy to follow the principles of the Earth Chart.  The Chart is a declaration of fundamental ethical principles for the building of a just, sustainable and pacific global society. It is the planetary Code of Ethics, designed by the World Commission on the Environment and Development of the United Nations. It is already translated into more than 40 languages and is currently supported by 4.6 thousand organizations around the world, including Brazil.
Our Network follows five principles, what we call the roots of SELFtrepreneurship, and they are the pillars which good for all members of the Network, where and how they may be:

Openness of perspectives, constantly reviewing and evolving beliefs and concepts.  Openness to new experiences and practices, openness to the other.  Finally, open processes, systems and structures.

An inclusive look, searching the best in others, in the world situations. To welcome, to listen and to have inclusive languages. Finally, our prices, structures and processes should be inclusive.
We are UBUNTU! We believe in collaboration, in collective construction, in the sharing of knowledge as the only way to seek solutions for problems each time more complex, which these new times present us.

We constantly seek to "match" our values, our beliefs, with our attitudes, our behaviors. We don't match 100% of the time, but the search is constant. A network which honors its vulnerability and uses it as strength in its journey.

To believe in yourself, to believe in the other, and from the moment we are protagonists and we are in the direction of our purpose, we believe that the Universe conspire in our favor.