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Mãe ser Mãe

Um espaço de reflexões, aprendizagem e troca de experiências, focado na mulher que está para se tornar mãe, acabou de dar à luz ou já é mãe há algum tempo.

To be a mother is a fantastic experience and really touches us, making the woman literally turning upside down. It touches the relationships, touches the vision of the profession, and touches the values of life.

Mother Being Mother was created exactly for talking about that and much more.  A space for reflections, learning and exchange of experiences, focused on the woman soon to be mother, just gave birth or already is a mother for some time.


An environment for you (1) to connect with yourself, (2) to reflect about the challenges and opportunities that appear and (3) to walk toward the construction of your own history, making conscious choices in the journey of your motherhood.

Through different learning programs, being your presence or virtual, individual and collective, the Mother Being Mother is a complete platform to support you.

The Mother Being Mother is a creation and conduction of the Ubuntu Network, a collaborative network of persons and organizations focused in the development of the SELFtrepreneurship. A network that inspires people, teams and organizations to reflect about their purposes and move on with their projects.

Mãe Ser Mãe

To find your way to live motherhood.


“É difícil olhar para si buscando descobrir o que quero pro meu futuro, considerando o meu passado, e correndo atrás para que no meu presente eu esteja caminhando, em uma estratégia para chegar lá……. Juntar meus talentos, com o que me motiva, observar as oportunidades do que pode ser feito…”